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Low Tide

A lonely man stranded in the wilderness seeks to escape from the manifestation of his fears.

Dawn breaks over a small cove by the sea. A man wakes up alone on the wet, sandy beach and looks around, dazed. He doesn't know where he is, or how he got there. Slowly, piece by piece, he tries to fit together the puzzle of his own existence. A mysterious necklace that he thought was lost seems to hold great personal significance. He is drawn away from this beautiful place, heading back inland toward a forest. Making his way into the trees, he reaches a weathered camp in a small clearing. Trinkets and tools hang from the branches and his easy familiarity with the meagre comforts there provides him with some of the shelter he seeks from the world. While he ponders a life spent alone in the depths of the woods, an unexpected encounter with a physical manifestation of his fears threatens his peaceful solitude. Shaken to his core, he hurriedly leaves the darkening forest and retreats back to the cove by the sea, and into the arms of the bittersweet nostalgia that waits for him there.

Directed by

Alex Kavanagh

Written by

Alex Kavanagh


Drama, Independent

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