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Thundr is a short film screening platform designed by filmmakers for filmmakers. Its sole purpose is to give filmmakers a platform to screen their short films and make money for future short film projects.

Filmmakers can watch short films, receive and send tips and potentially monetise their short film on our *New YouTube Channel (optional).

Thundr is 100% FREE to use and limitless to use.

It works using your own film link through YouTube or Vimeo and embedding them into your Thundr Film Screening Page for instant upload in the highest quality.

Short film's may be removed at anytime from the Thundr website and our Thundr YouTube Channel (if successful selected). Films are displayed on the website by recently submitted, popularity, genre and ToP Thundr PicK's.

Your full name and email

We will need your full name and email address ONLY,  in order to contact you with any issues regarding your film. This could be, but is not exclusive to: If your film is awarded an ToP Thundr PicK Laurel, you have ticked to submit your short film to our YouTube Channel and it falls into the monetising bracket after hitting a certain amount of views. We will not share any of your personal details out. These are purely for contacting purposes ONLY.

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Your short film must be in English, provide English subtitles or provide subtitle options within the player.

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We require a high resolution poster for your short film as this will become the face of your film on the Thundr website. Any film that doesn't have a high resolution poster will not be accepted onto the website. As well as any amateur designed posters, these will also be turned down along with any film attached. Please keep your poster size below 2 megabytes in size.

Create a FREE Film Poster Here:

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Max File Size 2MB


If you are submitting a short film to our platform can we ask you to please subscribe to our YouTube Channel. It's FREE and will really help out our platform!



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In order for your "Tip This Filmmaker" button to work on your film's screening page you will need to upload your Personal PayPal.Me Link below. This is done completely through PayPal and none of your  personal information will go through Thundr. Your PayPal.Me link will however be stored in our database as long as your film is on the website. Unlike other tipping platforms you keep 100% of whatever is tipped to you! 

Would you like to have your short film screened on our Thundr youtube channel?

We are always looking for short films to screen on our Thundr YouTube Channel. This is currently a non-exclusive deal but subject to change as subscribers grow. What does this mean? If your short film is selected to screen on our YouTube Channel we will contact you and require a copy of your short film in its highest quality. We will then add our animated Thundr logo to the beginning and end of the film. We will also add a Thundr logo to the thumbnail cover, the thumbnail photo will  also change to a screenshot from the film unless one already exists. If the film hits an advertising threshold you will be contacted to ask if you wish for the film to be monetised through YouTubes online advertising. Any advertising revenue made is split directly down the middle in a 50/50 split and will be paid monthly into an account of your choice. It is of course 100% your choice as the artist to choose whether to keep the video on the channel advert free. Requests to remove your film from the channel will also be honoured and actioned. We will not request any banking details from you until asked by YouTube to do so and only if the film is making money to pay out.

Your short film should be no more than 15 minutes in total length to be considered for the channel.

We will upload 1 short film every 3 days to the Thundr YouTube Channel.


Click on the attachment link below to get your two (Black/White) laurels which you can add to your film's posters and press release documents.

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We don't believe in taking tips for your work!

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Thundr is currently in the process of accepting short films for the website and their Thundr YouTube Channel. Thundr  2020