Here at Thundr we are always looking for ways to improve on filmmaker exposure and ways to screen short films and gain valuable feedback from the viewers watching them for the first time!

Our monthly Thundr Showcase is an exclusive screening event that happens once a month and gives others the opportunity to view your short film on their home TV, mobile devices and computers through our Thundr YouTube channel.

How Does It Work?


1. Your short film can be BRAND NEW or OLD as the event is a one off screening event viewed as a YouTube Premiere that is then deleted afterwards. This means that you don't need to upload your short film to our website and as the films are not published to YouTube  you can gain valuable feedback and still submit your short film into other festivals.

(Read more on YouTube Premiere Here)

2. There is also a LIVE CHAT feature available but we do ask the filmmakers to be online so you can chat to the viewers watching your film and receive valuable feedback from them.

3. We do ask that all viewers and short films submitted are all subscribers to our YouTube Channel. This is to help support our platform.

4. It's 100% FREE to submit a short film to the Thundr Showcase.

5. Upload your short film via our FilmFreeway Page for screening consideration.

6. You must own the rights to the film or have permission from the person who does before submitting it to the Showcase.

7. The short film must be no longer than 8 minutes in total length. Though we can make exceptions if the film is exceptional.

8. All budget films types are welcomed.

9. Your short film may not be selected one month but may rollover to another month. Please be aware and happy with this option. There is no need to keep resubmitting the same film each month.

What Do You Get If You Win?

Apart from valuable feedback from the viewers...

A Best Short Film Laurel is awarded for winning the Showcase each month. Only 1 film wins!


You have an opportunity to have your short film posted out to our 12,000 strong mailing list.


You have an opportunity to have your short film posted out to our 10,000 strong LinkedIn professional contacts.

It's all about the exposure, feedback and it's 100 FREE to enter.

Click on the FilmFreeway link below to submit your short flm.


Upload your short film to our Online Catalogue

100% FREE

Submit your short film non-exclusively to Thundr's YouTube Channel and potentially Monetise your film

Add a "Tip This Filmmaker" button to your screening page and keep 100% of whatever your tipped.

We don't believe in taking tips for your work!

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Thundr is currently in the process of accepting short films for the website and their Thundr YouTube Channel. Thundr  2020